D o n a t e   N o w
Your donation will help fund DZL’s Dharma works and change the lives of our beneficiaries.
At DZL, we hope to be able to effect positive changes in the lives of our devotees and beneficiaries. Be it learning Dharma and alleviating suffering in our daily lives; reaching out to support a needy family or giving aid to keep a student in school - all these changes lives.

Unrestricted funds allow us to allocate our resources most efficiently and where the needs are greatest. A small $10 donation can provide a meal for a family. Giving up a little will mean a lot to the families which we are supporting. To practice generosity is also what the Buddha advocates.

Sometimes these opportunities to help comes only but once. We must act now. The temple is a manifestation of your wisdom and compassion. This temple is also a beacon of hope for the many who may be lost and are searching for the Dharma lifebuoy.

Your donation is one of the best gifts of Dharma.

For monthly fix contribution of more than $10/month to DZL, please do contact us here.
Will provide 2 meals for a needy family
Will provide a month’s grocery for 2 families
Will provide textbooks for school children
Will assist with the tuition fees of a tertiary student
Thank you for supporting our life-changing efforts.
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Di Zang Lin