Nursing Home
Primarily a Buddhist temple, one of Di Zang Lin’s mission is to share the wisdom of Buddha’s teaching to the devotees from all walks of life and provide a platform for them to practice the Dharma in their daily lives. Di Zang Lin prides itself in its sustainable involvement with three nursing homes in Singapore to provide solace to their residents who may otherwise be forgotten.

O u r   I m p a c t

Figures as of 31 December 2023

Charity Dollars Spent
Meals Served
Given away in Bursaries
Volunteers to be actively involved in planning and carrying out programmes that bring joy to residents of nursing homes and enriching the quality of their life.
Past involvement
Di Zang Lin collaborated with Man Fut Tong Nursing Home from 2010 to 2017. During this period, volunteers visited the nursing home monthly to carry out social activities for the residents. Yearly excursion or parties were also organised and periodic donations to the nursing home. In 2017, Di Zang Lin ended their partnership with Man Fut Tong Nursing Home as there was a greater need for help at Serene and Irene nursing homes.
Nature of programme
Di Zang Lin’s volunteers run activities for the residents in Serene and Irene Nursing Homes on the first week of every month. Besides engaging the residents with games and songs, Di Zang Lin also presents the residents of the Nursing Homes with small gift packs filled with daily necessities at the end of each session. Serene and Irene Nursing Homes were selected as they were in dire need of financial and social support.

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